Top 10 “Homely” Hollywood Hotties

Homer Simpson said it best: “I wanted Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island ugly, not Cornelius on The Planet of the Apes ugly. TV ugly, not… ugly ugly.”

In real life, “ugly” girls are social lepers with affinity for listening to emo bands while cutting themselves. In movies, the “ugly” girls always look like they’re two seconds away from ripping off their oversized glasses and starring in a Noxema commercial.

Take, for example, 27 Dresses, starring the gorgeous Katherine Heigl as Jane, an administrative assistant who’s used to men ignoring her in favour of her hot sister. But it’ll take more than a bad brunette dye job to convince us this Jane is plain. In honour of Hollywood’s obsession with pretty/ugly girls, we’re counting down the Top 10 “homely” hotties in film.

#8 Anne Hathaway, Princess Diaries — Before: Mia, an awkward, gangly teen, discovers she is heir to the throne of a small European nation and struggles to transform into a polished, elegant lady worthy of the princess title in this Cinderella story.
After: The royal stylist manages to tame Mia’s bird’s next of frizzy curls, trim her unibrow, ditch her glasses and turn her into a beauty fit for a queen.
Was She Hot or Not?Not. Anne Hathaway is undeniably gorgeous, but she makes a surprisingly convincing ugly duckling as pre-makeover Mia.

Source: Dose

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