Anne Hathaway: ‘I Want to Look Like Jessica Biel’

Anne Hathaway wants to look like Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend Jessica Biel.

The Devil Wears Prada star — who has previously been listed as one of the world’s 50 Most Beautiful People — says if she could be any other celebrity, she would swap with Biel — and is trying to shape up just like Jess.

She says, “I want to be curvy and muscle-y. I want to look just like Jessica Biel.

“Unfortunately I don’t look anything like her – but she is my inspiration for working out so hard.”

Hathaway, 25, recently revealed she keeps fit by walking her dog Esmerelda daily and thinks her pet pooch is the secret to her keeping slim.

She said, “I don’t diet. My life keeps me slim but you have to be a bit careful. In Hollywood, if you are bigger than size 6 you’re considered fat.

“I’d like to get on a schedule where I can work out more – I’m too busy to go to the gym and I don’t have time to prepare my own food so we go out a lot.

“But I try to walk everywhere, I love walking my dog Esmeralda – she really helps me – and I take stairs whenever possible.”

Source: ShowBiz Spy

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