Anne Hathaway Waiting By Her Shoephone For ‘Get Smart 2’ Call

As a huge fan of the classic Sixties show “Get Smart,” the best compliment I can give to this summer’s big-screen remake is that it missed being good by that much. You could see the Rock twist coming a mile away, Steve Carell was a bit too smooth with his portrayal of bumbling spy Maxwell Smart, and don’t get me started on the dumb idea of making the Cone of Silence CGI – but still, it wasn’t “Honeymooners” or “Bewitched” bad.

Since it made some money at the box-office, and even loyalists like myself might be willing to give the series one more chance, talk has turned to pre-release quotes from the cast that they’d be willing to do a sequel. And Anne Hathaway (possibly the best part about the flick) re-affirmed her commitment to us this week, saying she’d love to take another crack at sexy/smart Agent 99.

“I would love to do a second one,” she insisted. “But I haven’t heard if we’re going to. I hope we get to. I really loved playing Agent 99, it would be fun to do all the training again, and hanging out with all those boys was so much fun.”

The new flick re-wrote 99’s backstory to include a bad history of workplace romances, as well as an affinity for plastic surgery. On the old show, Barbara Feldon married Don Adams’ character and eventually gave birth to twins – leaving plenty of possibilities for the new Hathaway-Carell coupling.

“There are all sorts [of possibilities],” Hathaway insisted, hoping that Smartians stay as loyal to the new crew as they did to the originals. “I’d like her to get into unexpected trouble. I’d love to see 99 lose control. I’d love to see something happen to 99 where her heart gets broken, and you see her have a complete emotional collapse. That could be really funny.”

What say you? Would you believe that another “Get Smart” could be better than the first? Or should the cast instead be offering us all a collective “Sorry about that, Chief”?

Source: MTV