Decaying blooms forced Anne Hathaway and conman ex apart

Sensational news! Anne Hathaway has finally revealed why she broke up with her long-term boyfriend Raffaello Follieri in June, two months after he had first been arrested on fraud charges, and just six hours before he was led away in handcuffs by federal agents. The gig was finally up, and Raffaello eventually pleaded guilty to a multi-million dollar fraud and money laundering conspiracy, and is currently serving a four-and-half-year jail term.

So … what went wrong, according to Anne’s account?

Turns out he made a faux pas in relation to a vase of wilting cherry blossoms.“They lasted a month and were beautiful even as they died,” Anne tells Vogue. “Raffaello always liked things fancier and perfect and told our maid to throw them out. That was when I knew we saw things differently.”

Right … Because for the past few years, she’d been smugly lecturing anyone who’d listen that “My boyfriend is incredible. But when it comes to his charity… one of the most untouted aphrodisiacs in the world is charity work. Seriously, you want a girl to be impressed, vaccinate some kids, build a house.”

OK. Lost in Showbiz has bitten its tongue on this one for a few months now, but isn’t it kind of shaming for Anne that the FBI should have established that she was so dumb she didn’t even have the first clue about it? She didn’t even get deposed! Is she even vaguely embarrassed at being a person of no use to their inquiries? After all, she and her boyfriend shared a $37,500-a-month penthouse in Trump Tower; he had no obvious source of income for his crazy “kids vaccination foundation”, upon whose board she sat but never asked to see the tax returns; he told her he was the chief financial officer of the Vatican; and there were several sets of frickin’ monsignior robes hanging in their wardrobe.

I mean, really, Anne! Monsignior robes? REALLY? Blame some seismic difference of opinion on when the cherry blossoms have had it if you must, but don’t inflict it on the public. Seriously.

Source: Gurdian UK


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