Anne Hathaway Weight Loss Plan: David Kirsh’s Thermo Bubbles

With the awards season in full swing now, female stars are under a lot of pressure to look as good as possible on the red carpet. Anne Hathaway is also one of them and, as recently revealed, she has turned to David Kirsh’s Thermo Bubbles to shed the extra pounds in the most natural way available.

Thermo Bubbles ($40 for 10 servings) is a herbal drink that is said to “melt away the fat naturally,” while also boosting energy levels and the metabolism. Made with extracts from various plants, the Thermo Bubbles comes as a powder that is then mixed with water to make for a delicious, healthy and almost calorie-free (only 10 calories per serving) drink that helps women in their constant battle against the pounds.Thermo Bubble contains white tea, guarana, ginseng and green tea, and is said not to have the crashing effects that coffee and energy drinks do, but the same benefits. However, on the downside, guarana is at the top of cardiologists’ list of dangerous supplements, as FitSugar points out, so some caution must be exercised before turning to this drink to stay fit.

Other than not giving the jitters and stomach pains that coffee and energy drinks often cause, Thermo Bubble is also believed to curb the appetite while providing the body with the required energy to burn fat. Trainer David Kirsh recommends two glasses of the beverage each day in order to get the best results and, while he makes no mention about what happens to the appetite once the suppressant is no longer used, one might as well point out that it does make for a rather expensive habit, even if efficient.

Anne Hathaway, it is being said, is OK with whatever side-effects Thermo Bubbles might have later on, since she’s only doing this for the Oscars. Come to think of it, having a herbal energy drink twice a day for two weeks or so is somehow better than crash-dieting for the same period of time, several media outlets are pointing out, as long as one makes sure to check with their doctor before starting the new “diet.”

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