Hathaway Does Broadway

Anne Hathaway became a headliner of course when she dated that dirt bag financier ex of hers who is now in prison, but more notably, with her nomination for Rachel Getting Married and the chick flick which went into theaters and out pretty quickly, Bride Wars, Hathaway’s heat is rising.

Next up for the Oscar nominee, Hathaway is channeling Shakespeare!Forget the big screen for now and her upcoming films in 2010 such as Alice in Wonderland and the Fiance as Hathaway will be in Manhattan for the Central Park production of Twelfth Night.

As in years past, the festival will be held at the outdoor Delacorte Theater from June 9 through July 12 in New York City.

Interestingly enough, Anne Hathaway’s performance will be slightly different than other roles actors have taken in the Big Apple. Remember when Julia Roberts co-starred with Paul Rudd on Broadway? Or how about Katie Holmes stint on the Great White Way?

There are countless of A-listers who perform on Broadway in musicals or dramas. The real testament will be seeing Hathaway in a traditional role such as Shakespeare and handling the challenges of the live performance.

This is a play that has stood the test of time. Now that’s what we call acting.

Source: She Knows