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W Magazine: Queen Anne

Despite her highly publicized personal trials, Anne Hathaway is emerging with more confidence both in her roles and in her life.

Though our interview has been planned for weeks and confirmed repeatedly by her publicist, it’s still something of a surprise when Anne Hathaway walks through the doors of the rustic New York cafe she’s chosen as our meeting place. It is less than a month since her highly publicized breakup with her boyfriend of four years—the man with whom she’d been house hunting, whom she seemed to think she’d marry—30-year-old Italian businessman Raffaello Follieri. And it’s less than three weeks since Follieri was arrested for allegedly scamming his investors by falsely claiming ties to the Vatican and placed in prison with a $21 million bail on charges that could result in a life sentence.

Meanwhile, the press is having a field day. Headlines like THE PRINCESS AND THE CON MAN, blinded by love and burned by a loser coat the newsstands. The New York Post publishes regular reports from “friends” of Follieri about how Hathaway sold him out to the Feds. Even the ever sensitive Donald Trump has issued a statement to ABC News criticizing the actress for failing to stand by her man; he then appeared on Access Hollywood, sneering: “So when he had plenty of money, she liked him, but after that, not as good, right?” Perhaps the worst zinger came from Newsweek, of all places, which titled its report WHAT SHOULD HAVE TIPPED ANNE HATHAWAY THAT HER EX-BOYFRIEND WAS BIG TROUBLE? A—CROOKED DAD. B—BAD CHECKS. C—ALLEGED POPE SCAM. D—ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Ditching an interview in favor of hiding under her covers would not have been the most unreasonable of actions. Nevertheless, when Hathaway appears, precisely on time, she immediately launches into peppy and charming small talk about the New York Times crossword puzzle under her arm and the bulky, antiquated tape recorder I’ve placed on the table. “Oh, hello, 1992!” she chuckles delightedly. Continue reading

Total Film Scans

I’ve uploaded new scans of Anne & other Get Smart casts from the July issue of Total Film magazine. Thanks to Josan for the scans.

– Scans in 2008: Total Film – July

Full Scans from Instyle

I’ve uploaded full scans of Anne on ‘Instyle’ July issue.

– Scans in 2008: InStyle – July

Anne will be on Self Mag Cover!

Anne Hathaway has revealed she was freaked out by the amount of weight she lost to appear in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’ The actress says that she got so “tiny” she wasn’t “even there.” Hathaway, 25, tells Self, a US fitness magazine: “When we were filming ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ Emily Blunt [her British co-star] and I were the two most pathetic-looking people you’ve ever seen.

I was on a meal-delivery service, eating the tiniest portions ever. I look at pictures of myself at that time and I’m so tiny, I’m not even there. And on screen I looked kind of normal. That’s what freaks me out the most. I’d look at myself in the mirror naked, and I knew I didn’t look good.”

In the magazine Hathaway also reveals how she used to want a nose job because she hated the way she looked but how she now loves her looks.

– Scans in 2008: Self – July

Anne does ‘InStyle’

“I’ve always been on the conservative side when it comes to showing skin. I’m from that school where you show one part of your body, not all of it. So compared to the girls you’re talking about, I’m quite prim. One of my favourite things to wear on a night out is a short turtleneck minidress. Everything up top is covered … and then it’s just all about your legs.”

Anne Hathaway on showing skin in July’s InStyle, out Friday

‘I Have the Lowest of the Low Sense of Humor’

In this week’s upcoming issue of PARADE, Anne Hathaway talks to Jeanne Wolf about retaining her good-girl image. Below, the actress talks more about keeping odd hours and her new film, Get Smart.

Anne Hathaway talks about keeping a straight face — and a clean mouth — on the set of Get Smart

Anne Hathaway admits to getting a little punchy when her schedule calls for all-night film shoots. Currently, she’s in Boston filming Bride Wars with Kate Hudson — and going to bed when the rest of the world is getting up. It’s a new experience for the young actress — snoozing while the sun shines.

And then there’s her day job, making the rounds with her Get Smart cast mates, Steve Carell, Duane “The Rock” Johnson and Alan Arkin. The movie, based on the TV series, opens June 20.

How do you like this “filming all night” business?  Has world travel prepared you for jet lag and time changes?

“I have never really had to do it before. I always thought that, in one day, you can bounce back. And that sort of brain dead feeling lingers for a few days. For longer than you expect, you’re not quick. It’s not even that I’m particularly quick to begin with, but all of a sudden it’s just like, ‘Oh, that’s right. I’m mid-sentence and you’re just waiting on my word. OK.'”

Talking about Get Smart, Steve and even Duane Johnson told me that the most important thing was to play it straight. When you’re working around these funny people, isn’t that hard?

“Oh, you have no idea. There are a few shots in the movie that you can tell I am about to go. And it’s funny the things that you wind up doing to keep yourself from laughing. You just all of a sudden become very interested in your wristwatch. Or you suddenly just need to bite a knuckle, but like pretend that you’re doing it in anger. There were definitely moments like that.” Continue reading

Vanity Fair’ The 2008 Hollywood Issue Photos Update

It seems like Vanity Fair Official site has updated videos & photos on Anne with oher leading ladies for the ‘Vanity Fair’ The 2008 Hollywood Issue Cover. Anne looks soo pretty in these pictures. In the meanwhile, i’ve uploaded more related photos & captures to the gallery. So check them out. Also, Annie Leibovitz Shoot for Vanity Fair has been replaced with better quality version. Click the below link to check it out. Thanks to Cristina from Scarlett-Central for the pic.

– Captures: 2008: Behind The Scenes of Vanity Fair > Screen Captures
– Photoshoots from 2004-2008: Behind The Scenes of Vanity Fair
– Photoshoots from 2004-2008: Annie Leibovitz [Vanity Fair] 2008

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