AHC Sharing The Joy of Beauty with Anne Hathaway + New Layout

Yesterday Anne attended AHC Sharing The Joy of Beauty with Anne Hathaway event. She looked lovely, as always. The gallery has been updated with pictures of her at the event. Also, we have new layouts up here at the main site & at the gallery! I hope everyone likes them. And I’m working on upgrading all of the site’s out-dated pages so those will be offline for a few days.

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0023 x Public Appearances > 2018 > AHC Sharing The Joy of Beauty with Anne Hathaway – 02.27.18

2017 Public Appearances

The gallery has been updated with over 1,500 pictures of Anne from her 2017 Public Appearances.

Gallery Links:
0142 x Public Appearances > 2017 > International Women’s Day at United Nations Headquarters – 03.08-17
0586 x Public Appearances > 2017 > “Colossal” New York Premiere – 03.28.17
0016 x Public Appearances > 2017 > “Colossal” New York Premiere After Party – 03.28.17
0630 x Public Appearances > 2017 > “Colossal” Los Angeles Premiere – 04.04.17
0019 x Public Appearances > 2017 > “Colossal” Legion M Screening and Q&A – 04.07.17
0007 x Public Appearances > 2017 > Visiting “Good Morning America” – 04.17.17
0007 x Public Appearances > 2017 > Visiting “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” – 04.17.17
0008 x Public Appearances > 2017 > Celebration For The Release Of Kelly Oxford’s Book – 04.24.17
0011 x Public Appearances > 2017 > Visiting “The Late Late Show with James Corden” – 04.19.17
0007 x Public Appearances > 2017 > Visiting “The View” – 04.19.17
0005 x Public Appearances > 2017 > TriStar Pictures Screening of “Baby Driver – 06.26.17
0019 x Public Appearances > 2017 > The Children’s Monologues – 11.13.17
0128 x Public Appearances > 2017 > 68th National Book Awards – 11.15.17

“Ocean’s 8” Official Trailer

Anne Hathaway Circling ‘Barbie’ At Sony

Anne Hathaway is talking about stepping into the role of Barbie for Sony Pictures, though the studio said “it is premature.” That comes even as its known that Alethea Jones also has been circling to direct after a nod from Hathaway.

Hathaway had been in the mix shortly after Amy Schumer left the project in March. The first big-screen, live-action Barbie film promises to get a huge marketing push from Sony and its partner Mattel in the summer 2018.

The movie is being produced by the husband/wife team of Walter Parkes and Lori MacDonald, along with former Sony studio chairman Amy Pascal (who bought the rights in 2014 while an executive). Mattel’s President and COO of Richard Dickson, who over the past two years has worked to modernize the brand, will serve as executive producer.

Pascal had alluded to talking to an Oscar-winning actress for the role of Barbie in her recent interview with The New York Times, which was no secret around town was Hathaway, but no one knew if the deal would make because of scheduling conflicts. Olivia Milch (Oceans Eight) was brought on to rewrite the script in the hope of getting Hathaway.

If a deal can be made, Hathaway would play a character who lives in Barbieland, where she gets kicked out basically because she’s not perfect enough, is a bit eccentric and doesn’t quite fit the mold. She then goes on an adventure in the real world, and by the time she returns to Barbieland to save it, she has gained the realization that perfection comes on the inside, not the outside, and that the key to happiness is belief in oneself, free of the obligation to adhere to some unattainable standard of perfection.

The film is expected to be PG and a broader family comedy along the lines of Splash, Enchanted and Big.

Mattel has been fiercely protective of the Barbie brand, as any corporation would be. Barbie has transformed over generations as society has changed, adding people of color in the 1960s, changing stereotypes from Queen of the Prom and airline outfits to keeping in step with today’s ever-evolving, more diverse world.

Barbie now incorporates different occupations and body types to become all inclusive and to reflect the population. Mattel even has Petite Barbie and Tall Barbie. It also started a Barbie YouTube channel. The brand itself is huge, logging in with sales of more than $3 billion worldwide.

Few know, but Barbie — in her inception — actually was based on a German doll and racy comic book character named Lily. But that was many decades ago. Ruth Handler modeled Barbie after Lily and then the doll was introduced at the 1959 World’s Fair in Moscow.

Hathaway won her Oscar for Les Miserables, was just onscreen in Colossal and co-stars in next year’s Ocean’s Eight. She is repped by CAA, Management 360 and Sloane Offer. Jones is repped by Paradigm, 3 Arts and Lichter Grossman.

Anne Hathaway To Star In Contained Sci-Fi Thriller ‘O2’

EXCLUSIVE: Anne Hathaway will star in O2, a contained thriller with sci-fi elements that is fast coming together for a fall shoot. IM Global is closing a deal to finance the film that will fall in the $10 million budget range. In the script by Christie LeBlanc, Hathaway will play a woman who wakes up inside a cryogenic chamber, with no memory of how she got there. She must escape the chamber before her air runs out. Its sci-fi elements make it a closer cousin to Gravity than Buried, even though like both of those, the scenes are largely devoted to a single performer. Suzan Bymel and Hathaway have just signed on to produce with Echo Lake’s Adam Riback and James Engle, and IM Global’s Stuart Ford and Greg Shapiro will also be producers. They will quickly find a director, with CAA representing domestic rights.

IM Global is right now shooting Serenity with Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey, which made for a good match on their next project together. A charming back story here is the writer, LeBlanc. A single mother from the sleepy town of Gatineau, Quebec, LeBlanc wrote the script and sent it unsolicited to Echo Lake’s Riback and Engle. They developed subsequent drafts with her. When they first sent it out to talent, O2 impressed the town enough that it became one of the top choices for the 2016 Black List. Now it has a bankable Oscar-winning heroine in the main role, one who is being courted for numerous other films for her fall slot, but who chose O2. The scribe signed with Echo Lake for management and CAA for representation off her first screenplay. Hathaway most recently wrapped Oceans Eight, the Gary Ross-directed spinoff she stars in with a cast that includes Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Helena Bonham Carter. Hathaway is repped by CAA and Management 360.


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