Anne Hathaway to Dance with Shiva

There’s a new script gearing up for production for Sony Classics, and while we know pretty much nothing about what it will entail, we do know the names behind it — which aren’t too shabby. Dancing with Shiva is a new ensemble comedy from Jenny Lumet, who just happens to be Sidney Lumet’s daughter. While this is her first feature script, she has done a few roles over the years as an actress, her most popular being 1988’s Running on Empty. Jonathan Demme has been tapped to direct and produce the film, and a solid cast has already been lined up.

Anne Hathaway, who just became Jane Austen, will star, with Sesame Street’s Mr. Noodle, Bill Irwin (who I always mix up with My So-Called Life dad Tom Irwin), The West Wing’s Anna Deveare Smith and that Dangerous Woman, Debra Winger co-starring. The movie will head into production after Demme finishes He Comes in Peace, which means sometime next month in the wonderful state of Connecticut. Since it’s all coming together soon, we shouldn’t have too long to wait to hear what this whole thing is about. Being that there isn’t anything more to say on the project, I’ll throw my dancing wish out there — I want to see some Skinny Legs and All dancing the Dance of the Seven Veils, with an anthropomorphized can of beans, dirty sock, painted stick, conch shell and spoon — preferably with Terry Gilliam directing. Now that would be a dance!

Source: Cinematical