Get Smart Poster!

The first poster for Steve Carell’s cinematic version of Get Smart has just popped up online over at Cinematical. For the high-res version you’ll have to click over there, since they’re owned by AOL and thus get the red carpet treatment to exclusives like this one (which is no knock on the great guys who work over there, it’s just the truth).
As for the poster, I love it. Subtle humor is often the best. Besides, given the choice, I’d choose to see Anne Hathaway’s face over Steve Carell’s any day. I’ve loved Get Smart since I was a little kid, and while Carell will never replace the great Don Adams, he’s about as damn close as anyone is ever going to get. Can’t wait to see this.

Get Smart hits theaters next year on June 20th. In the film, the headquarters of US spy agency CONTROL is attacked and its agents compromised, leaving the Chief with no choice but to rely on over-eager, bumbling analyst Maxwell Smart. Anne Hathaway plays his partner, the viciously beautiful Agent 99 who’s luscious hair is covers up Max’s face in the poster. I wonder if Steve sniffed her lovely locks during the photoshoot? Assuming there was a photoshoot and not just some photoshop concoction. Come on, he had to. He’s a man after all

Source: Cinema Blend

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