Anne on ’30 Under 30: The Actresses’

Anne is features in the ‘30 Under 30: The Actresses’ on Entertainment Weekly.


AGE 25

BROKE OUT IN… The Princess Diaries, as klutzy-turned-polished royal Mia Thermopolis.

WHY HER Hathaway, who takes on edgy dramas (Brokeback Mountain) and bubbly comedies (The Devil Wears Prada) with equal verve, has a down-to-earth, every girl appeal (read: she’s not often caught clubbing) that has already drawn comparisons to the likes of a few established leading ladies (ahem, Julia Roberts).

WHAT’S NEXT She’s teaming up with Steve Carell for the secret agent satire Get Smart (June 20) and then switching genres with the horror flick Passengers (Sept. 5). Future projects include the dark comedy Dancing With Shiva and the wedding romp Bride Wars, alongside Kate Hudson.