Smart Girl Anne Hathaway Dodges Kate’s Shooters

Good thing Anne Hathaway cut her teeth thwarting bad guys in the upcoming Get Smart—she needs all the help she can get evading paparazzi on the set of her new flick with Kate Hudson.

Bride Wars, the girlie nuptial-fest she and Lance Armstrong’s main squeeze are shooting in NYC, has been a mess of photogs, all angling for a shot at Kate’s ring finger. Hathaway manages to catch some of the lenses in cross fire, she told E! News at a Los Angeles press conference for Get Smart, and she’s just not used to it.

“There were, I kid you not, 50 paparazzi on the street,” she said. “We had to call off the shot and find a different location, because they were in the way.”

But it doesn’t end there…

The ladies hiked up their trains and carried on, making the film Hathaway describes as “estrogen land” compared to the all-boy Smart set. She did manage to bring her own feminine touch as Agent 99, however, alongside Steve Carell, Alan Arkin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Running in five-inch stilettos, for instance.

“I had excellent training on The Devil Wears Prada in running around in them,” she said. “So when it came time to add some high kicks and jumps, it wasn’t that bad.”

Perhaps she can apply those moves next time paps penetrate her set?

Source: E Online

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