Anne Hathaway: ‘I Intimidate Men’

Anne Hathaway says men find her intimidating.

The Devil Wears Prada actress — who recently split from her Italian businessman boyfriend Raffaello Follieri — believes the reason she is so unlucky in love is because members of the opposite sex are scared to approach her.

She explains, “I’ve intimidated men my entire life. And it has nothing to do with fame. I’m a really strong person.”

And on what she’s looking for in man, Anne, 25, adds, “Kindness is very important. So is patience and a sense of humor.

“You have to have things in common and both have to be in love – love is an obvious one. And respect.

“Nice guys are few and far between, so they must be valued and supported and encouraged to remain nice.”

Hathaway split from Follieri on June 25 following his earlier arrest on fraud and money-laundering charges.

Source: ShowBiz Spy

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