Hathaway able to laugh at herself on ‘SNL’

When Anne Hathaway rebuffed David Letterman’s attempts to discuss her ex-boyfriend, Rafaello Follieri, during her appearance last week on “The Late Show,” some wondered: Would all things Follieri be off-limits when she appeared on “Saturday Night Live” Oct. 4?

Just moments into her opening monologue, the answer became clear. Hathaway joked that, last summer, “I broke up with my boyfriend… and two weeks later he was sent to prison for fraud … I mean, we’ve all been there, right, ladies?”

Friends close to Hathaway say they weren’t surprised that Hathaway was a good sport.

“She is so moving on,” says a friend. “People didn’t really give her enough credit when she was in the middle of it all. News flash — she’s always been fun and a little self-deprecating.”

Hathaway’s appearance on “SNL” helped the show score one of its highest-rated shows since 2002. Tina Fey, who reprised her role as vice-presidential candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was also a huge draw. Although a few well-placed sources maintain that Fey will indeed appear as Palin every week until the elections, a rep for “SNL” says, “There is no way to confirm her.”

Source: MSNBC

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