Anne Hathaway Is Talking Weddings

Anne Hathaway swears she she’s not one of those gals who obsesses about her dream wedding. But she does admit to thinking about at least one detail of the big day.

“I haven’t thought about the food; I haven’t thought about the look; I haven’t thought about my dress. I haven’t really thought about the guy,” Hathaway says in the new issue of Modern Bride magazine. “But every once in a while, I’ll listen to a song, and I’m like, ‘I want that at my wedding.’ ”

What’s on her playlist?

“Maps” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and “Walken” by Wilco are a couple of her faves. And she has high hopes for “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. “That’s going to be, like the number one wedding song for the next 25 years,” predicts Hathaway, who stars in next month’s Bride Wars opposite Kate Hudson. “Trust me.”Hathaway names her gay brother’s wedding to his partner as her favorite nuptials. “At one point, he and his husband were standing up there, and my mom got up to sing,” she remembers. “She was beaming straight love into them and everyone felt it, and it was just this beautiful moment.”

Sounds like mom’s going to be on Hathaway’s playlist, too.

Source: E Online