Oscar Nominee Spotlight: Anne Hathaway

 At 26, she’s the youngest of this year’s Best Actress nominees.

She’s a luminous beauty, preternaturally gifted, and often described as the closest this generation can come to Audrey Hepburn. And if that wasn’t old-school enough, she shares the exact same name with Shakespeare’s second wife.Anne Hathaway is up for Best Actress for her work in Rachel Getting Married. Here’s a look at her landmark acting roles:

The Princess Diaries

A Disney movie directed by Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Runaway Bride), her first film immediately tossed Anne into the spotlight.

Auditioning for the role of the socially inept Princess Mia, the self-confessed klutz fell off a stool and immediately got the part.

She then got to act opposite Julie Andrews, and critics were pleasantly surprised by the way the young girl stood pluckily up to the still-irresistible Sound Of Music veteran.

Source: Rediff