Anne Hathaway To Break New, Cross-Dressing Ground Onstage

Happily, Bride Wars wasn’t the ’09 setback we feared for Anne Hathaway, but rather a minor detour on her way to the coveted, gender-bending Shakespearean promised land.

New York’s Public Theatre announced today that Hathaway would appear in this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park production of Twelfth Night — its sixth mounting of the comedy, but no doubt the first featuring the Oscar-nominated ex of a faux-Vatican CFO. As a man. Sort of: Hathaway will play the female lead Viola, shipwrecked with her identical twin Sebastian in the mythical dukedom of Illyria. Mistaken identity, servitude and cross-dressing ensue, and Viola falls in love with the Duke. Whose role hasn’t yet been cast, we hear, though let’s be honest: If ever there were a time for Hathaway and Frank Langella to settle their filthy unfinished business, this would be it.

Source: DeFamer