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New ‘Passengers’ Poster!

The drama thriller from director Rodrigo Garcia, “Passengers”, has just revealed its trailer. Focusing on the mystery lying behind one surviving passenger of a plane crash, the video lets out a unique and interesting footage from the Columbia Pictures’ flick starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson.

Claire Summers is a young therapist assigned by her mentor to provide counsels to ten survivors of a plane crash from which one surviving passenger, Eric, gets super powers. Intrigued by the secrets surrounding Eric, she builds up a relationship with him that soon takes a romantic route. But, as the romance blossoms, the survivors begin to vanish one by one.

Using the script written by Ronnie Christensen, “Passengers” is supported also by Clea DuVall, Dianne Wiest and David Morse. It will be coming out in limited theaters on October 24.

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New Passenger Trailer Video & Captures Downloads

I’ve uplodaded trailer video & captures Anne’s upcoming thriller flick, Passengers for your download pleasures. Enjoy

Anne Hathaway’s next movie appears to have been written by someone whose favorite TV shows are Lost, The Dead Zone, and The 4400. The first trailer for Passengers incorporates elements from all three of those series, and throws in one of the Watchmen, just for good measure.

It starts with a plane crash, which is survived by ten people. Anyone ever notice that plane crashes only seem to have survivors in the movies? When was the last time you heard of someone surviving a major airline disaster? It just doesn’t happen. In this case, the people don’t only survive, they also seem to get super powers, and it’s up to Anne Hathaway to investigate them.

– Passengers: Screen Captures > Trailer

Passenger Trailer

New Passengers Movie Stills

I have uploaded new “Passengers” movie stills of Anne. Expect new layout coming soon!

– Passengers: Stills

New Passengers Stills

I have added new promotional stills of Anne in the movie “Passengers”.

– Passengers: Stills