(Video) Live with Kelly and Michael

Watch the interview Anne did to Kelly and Michael last January 20.


Anne Hathaway Talks ‘Song One’ And Addresses Backlash on Today Show


(Photos) AOL Build Speaker Series and ‘Song One’ Private Dinner


(Photos) The Cinema Society & Tod’s With Grey Goose Host “Song One”

Anne attended yesterday in New York a screening for her new film Song One, joined by husband (and producer) Adam Shulman. Song One hits selected theaters in January 23.


AFI Awards 2014 Video Almanac: INTERSTELLAR

On January 9, 2015, actors, filmmakers and executives from the film and television communities honored the creative teams from the most outstanding films and TV shows of the year at AFI AWARDS 2014 luncheon. They also revealed how they would like audiences to remember their work and how they defined 2014. These responses were recorded and entered into the AFI Archive as part of the Institute’s annual almanac of the moving image.

In this video you can see Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Mackenzie Foy, Matthew McConaughey and Lynda Obst talking about Interstellar.


New ‘Song One’ Stills

The official Song One Facebook page shared with their visitors some new production stills. The director Kate Barker-Froyland shared some more info about Franny:

Throughout the movie, Franny (Anne Hathaway) discovers things she never noticed before and she really learns how to listen in a different way than she used to. She’s not only listening to music, but also recording sounds in New York to bring back and play for her brother. Annie and I talked a lot about the arc of her character- how Franny is sort of like an icicle at the beginning of the film and as it goes on, she thaws. Annie did such an amazing job of showing that transformation!

Talking about Facebook, make sure to follow Anne’s official account.


Anne Talks Sex Scenes and Marriage Secrets: What Makes Her Relationship Work?

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.03.52 AM

Anne talked to E! News’ Jesse Gidding during the Song One press junket about recording the first sex scene of Johnny Flynn.

I just wanted to make sure that he knew he was totally protected, that it was a safe environment. We had a closed set, and I brought the Jameson so that helped, too. In a love scene [whiskey] is kind of a prerequisite.

She also talked about her marriage with Adam Shulman:

Every marriage is unique because person that is married is unique and it applies to relationships, too. One thing that works for one couple doesn’t necessarily work for another couple. When we got married, I thought it was a great party. I honestly thought we were doing it more for tradition. I wasn’t prepared for the radical shift my heart was going to have.

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